Afro Sheen Slick Black Cream Styler 177g

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• Smooths and holds
• Non-greasy, non-flaking formula developed to smooth hairline
• Great for holding down flyaways and slicking back the hair into buns, ponytails, top knots, afro puffs, and more!

Avocado Oil – this lightweight oil penetrates strands to nourish deeply without coating the hair or clogging pores on the scalp.
Coconut Oil – contains lauric acid, helping to penetrate and moisturize hair strands.
• Shea Butter – filled with fatty acids and vitamins which boost moisture, reducing dryness and split ends.

Apply as needed to dry or damp hair. Use fingertips to apply to hairline. Place in palm and rub hands together to apply to base of hair style. Brush smooth and style as desired.

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