Afro Sheen Texture Setting Cream Gel 340g

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• Enhances your natural coil and curl pattern
• Provides superior hydration, curl definition and shine
• Long lasting hold with no flakes

Flaxseed Oil – full of omega-3 fatty acids which provide nourishment to hair follicles, alleviating scalp conditions and promoting growth.
Coconut Oil – contains lauric acid, helping to deeply penetrate and moisturize hair strands.
Shea Butter – filled with fatty acids and vitamins which boost moisture, reducing dryness and split ends.

Apply to small sections of clean, damp hair. Smooth into hair in a downward motion. Follow immediately with a styling brush or comb to define each section. Scrunch coil and curls as needed. Allow to air dry,under a hooded dryer or with a diffuser for volume.

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