Chey Haircare Brow Soap with Brush

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Where thin eyebrows used to dominate our beauty industry, thick brows are now an enduring trend. Even beauty professionals prefer soap brows. It is a method to ensure that all your eyebrow hairs can be combed to the desired position and stay that way. Plus, ours won't harm your eyebrows or skin underneath.


ALOE VERA:  Natural gel substance to create hold and keeps the brows into place

SHEA BUTTER:  Protects the brow area from damaging external pollutants

COCONUT OIL:  Conditions and promotes hair growth


Dip the spoolie brush into the can lightly, as you don't need much product to hold!  Then brush through your brows upwards until your brows are fluffy, full and beachy. Pencil or other brow products should be applied before the soap. 

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