Kaniz Wonderedge Pineapple Hair Pomade Stick 70g

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A pleasantly scented strong hold wax pomade formulated with natural ingredients set to enhance, nourish and lay your delicate baby hairs and slicked back edges for a natural look.


  • Tested by professional stylists WONDEREDGE has been designed to be flake-free, non-greasy, and hold for up to 24 hours
  • Infused with natural Argan Oil, our formula provides powerful antioxidants and nourishing fatty acids to keep your hair moisturized and protected against styling damage
  • Elegantly scented by the world's finest perfumers to invigorate your senses and freshen up your hair in between washes
  • Our wax formula is soft, pliable, and non-greasy allowing for easy styling and versatility without contributing to clogged pores or breakouts
  • Texturize your hair with a natural finish, hold style without build-up, define curls, control frizz and lay edges/ delicate baby hairs
  • Suitable for natural or relaxed hair. WONDEREDGE is the go-to product when styling braids, twists and even wigs. Just apply the stick to the hair, or you can use your fingers for added precision

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